Keep Gotland Clean

All material that ends up in the sea, which should not be there, is called marine debris. It may have been dumped directly into the sea, or taken there via stormwater and rivers and the debris may consist of all possible materials and sizes. Garbage on the beach, the borderland between sea and land, is also counted as marine debris. The consequences of littering the oceans are as follows:

  • Large plastic is fragmented into microplastic.
  • Animals mistake plastic for food.
  • Animals get entangled.
  • Spread of alien species.
  • Chemicals leak from the plastic.
  • Plastic is entering the food chain.
  • Rubbish costs.

For centuries, man has regarded the sea as an endless landfill, and that everything that ends up there disappears. At the same time, the oceans have been seen as an inexhaustible source of natural resources. None of these views could be more wrong. Today, there is no sea area that is unaffected by human activities.

Here we collect news, research and facts about sewage, rubbish and plastic and how it affects the oceans. The sea was long considered infinite and a suitable place to dump all kinds of human waste. It no longer works. Now we are so many, and use so many new materials that take a long time to break down. All debris causes great suffering to the animals in the sea, and the wastewater brings with it both nutrients and dangerous substances that affect the marine environment.

Debris Causes Suffering

Large amounts of rubbish end up in the oceans every year. Littering leads to suffering for many marine animals, and also has major socio-economic consequences. Every year, thousands of seabirds, fish, seals die or are injured because they have become entangled or caught in fishing nets, packaging or other debris. Many animals also misuse the food waste, and die of starvation with their stomachs full of human waste.

Environmentally Conscious Diving Center

Dyk Och Sport Gotland AB protects the environment and works for a sustainable future. We therefore arrange bottom cleaning around Gotland to reduce littering and the environmental impact that will be. Do you want to be with us and make the world a better place? Contact us and join us on the next trip.