Rumina - Mine disaster Outside Gotland

2.500 kr Including Meal

Rumina - Mine disaster Outside Gotland
The steamboat Rumina, built in 1883 in Belfast, belonged to the shipping company Concordia in Gothenburg. During the turmoil of the First World War, the ship and parts of its crew met their fate. Rumina was on a trip between Hörnefors and London, loaded with 1.6 tons of wood and 80 standard boards (about 4.3 cubic meters each). When a German officer boarded the boat at Svenska Björn, the crew was ordered to bring the ship to Libau for an inspection of the cargo instead of the planned London. The ship's captain warned of the danger in the waters east of Gotland, but this was ignored by the German officer on the grounds that there was no danger as long as they stayed close to Gotland. On October 23, 1915 at two o'clock at night, the ship collided with a mine and went in two parts. The front of the ship immediately sank along with six men from the crew. The stern remained afloat for a few hours after the accident. The other ten men in the crew managed to get to the lifeboats and came ashore on Gotland. Among the survivors were both the German officer and Rumina's captain.

Wreck diving by boat
Now you can examine Rumina with your own eyes. Three times a week we start from Slite Hamn and go out to the wreck by boat. Once in place, two dives are performed and you get the chance to discover part of our history on the seabed. In addition to this, a meal is also served between dives. Maximum four participants per turn. As this boat is 40 meters deep, you need to be certified for it.

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Price: 2500 SEK. Including meal.

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