M / S Esk Queen - Got Stranded

2.500 kr Including Meal

M / S Esk Queen - Got Stranded
Built in 1969 by Eskgarth Shipping Co Ltd, originally named Springhtly. Renamed 1969 to Esk Queen. She was the last boat to leave Furillen on October 1, 1970, full of limestone. She went out on the wrong side of the dot and ran aground on Britgrund and tore the bottom apart. Esk Queen remained on the ground for three weeks since the hull was broken at the front cargo hold and the bow then sank to a depth of about 17-20 m. It is located right against the pallet edge and the rest of the boat has split. Between the table sides is the engine. The stern protrudes a few meters from the bottom. At the base it is about 5-6 m deep.

Wreck diving by boat
Now you can explore Esk Queen with your own eyes. Three times a week we start from Slite Hamn and go out to the wreck by boat. Once in place, two dives are performed and you get the chance to discover part of our history on the seabed. In addition to this, a meal is also served between dives. Maximum four participants per turn.

Price: 2500 SEK. Including meal.

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