Sidemount Diver

4.250 kr

Sidemount Diver
This is the course for you who want to get more out of your diving. Sidemount has its origins in cave diving, one of the world's toughest diving conditions and is a well-proven system. In recent years, sidemount has grown in popularity also in scuba diving. By diving with two bottles attached along the sides of the body instead of on the back, you will not only be more streamlined but also more stable in the water. The extended gas storage and the redundant system give you more diving time and increased safety, in addition you reduce the load on your back. Sidemount is a flexible way to dive and can be adapted to individual conditions and needs. You will learn how to assemble and use the equipment correctly, as well as the methods and procedures applied in recreational sidemount diving. The education is preceded by self-study with course literature, then the course is done for three days with theory, equipment workshops and a total of 4 dives (1 CW, 3 OW).

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Price: 4250 SEK.

Cancellation policy
After you have booked and read the study material, you will be charged the cost of the study material if you cancel. If the cancellation is made less than two weeks before the course, the full amount of the course will be charged.

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