Advanced Open Water Diver

4.450 kr

For you who have taken the basic course and want more. This is the advanced course for you. The course contains less theory and repeated exercises and more focus on diving. The course is done over two days with a total of 5 dives with different themes. Refine your balance and trim, improve your diving technique and learn to find perfect balance. Simply dive nicely!Knowing where we are and where we are going is important. Become a fan of underwater navigation. We teach you to find the right among among raukar and seaweed.Lost or found something valuable? Being able to search and salvage is always good to be able to. We show you how to find and row the treasure home.What's hidden down there in the depths? We take you down and explore. For many, this is the most exciting part of the course as when you are finished you will be certified for dives deeper than 18m and open up opportunities for new adventures.Depending on the season and weather, we then either do night dives and see what looks forward to the onset of darkness, or learn to handle surface marking buoys and called SMB.

Learn how to handle an underwater compass. When you know where you are, you will be calmer and safer in the water, this leads to reduced air consumption. We will also teach you tricks for navigating with the help of marine life! A very useful dive that gives you joy during all future diving.

We take you calmly and safely to 30 meters. You will learn what to think about when you dive a little deeper. This dive gives you the opportunity to follow even more experiences with land and boat dives. Our trips usually have Advanced requirements and this is one reason, many interesting dive sites are a little deeper

Have you ever wondered what kind of colorful floating tool is visible from the surface before the divers themselves come up? Do you want to feel safer when boating and diving in open water? SMB or often called surface marking buoy is the answer to the questions and you will benefit greatly from these skills in many parts of your diving. Both if you want to develop your diving on Släggö but also if you are interested in future courses such as Boat and Deep.

A dive site you have dived lots of times will be brand new at night. Exciting and different! Several of our nocturnal animals also appear. Night diving is a dive that opens up a whole new world in your favorite sport of diving. We love night diving and you will understand why!

Talk to us exactly what 5 dives you will be allowed to do on your AOW course. A spring and autumn Advanced usually do the dives: Fine Balance, Navigation, Night, Depth and Dry Suit. A summer Advanced usually does the dives: Fine Balancing, Navigation, Dry Suit, Depth and SMB.
You do your advanced course with advantage in close connection with your basic course. You get 5 dives with an instructor who guides you through all the dives. It gives you a very good experience and you will get an insight into several different types of diving.

För att få gå din Advanced måste du ha fyllt 12 år. Då får du gå ner till 21 meter och den dagen du har fyllt 15 kan du genomföra ett “uppdyk” och då får gå ner till 30 meter.
An unforgettable experience during a weekend on Gotland We have fewer students per instructor and we have more time per student in the water. All for you to become as good a diver as possible!

Before the start of the course, you will have to fill in a health declaration, as long as you are fully healthy, you do not need to do a medical examination before you jump into the water. We also have contact with diving doctors if you have really tricky thoughts.

Exact times for when we gather and how long the days will be will be announced before the start of the course, we try to take into account the participants' wishes.

Below you see the planned dates. Click in the calendar to see the date.

Price: 4450 SEK.

Cancellation policy
After you have booked and read the study material, you will be charged the cost of the study material if you cancel. If the cancellation is made less than two weeks before the course, the full amount of the course will be charged.

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